Why Concourse FM?


Simplify Operational Processes

Over time and if left unchecked, business support processes and procedures can become overcomplicated or unnecessary. We review all processes, eliminate duplication and innovate to create value added solutions with opportunity for efficiencies and savings.

Improved Service Delivery

Attention to detail, professionalism and quality are our key strengths and core values. Careful analysis of management information allows us to make informed decisions on how to improve service delivery.

With a sound knowledge of operational requirements we implement our innovative workplace solutions, tailored to meet your business needs. We are obsessive about service excellence.

Comply with Health & Safety Legislation

We manage your Health & Safety obligations to ensure your workplace is compliant with all legislation.

Our competent H&S experts apply a common sense approach, providing your business with all the H&S advice, support, documentation, information, training, audits, monitoring and reviews as necessary.



Collect & Analyse Management Information

Management information allows informed decision making. We provide instant, accurate and up to date information reporting and analysis across the range of services we deliver.


Procure Goods & Services

Our procurement experience and network of contacts in the property and service sector means that we can provide expert data analysis and procurement solutions to meet any operational business need, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Cost Reduction

We identify opportunities to reduce support service costs without impacting service delivery.

At Concourse FM we think differently, constantly challenging convention to identify more innovative, efficient and effective ways of delivering support services and reducing operational costs.

Adopting this approach has consistently delivered savings to our customers.


FM Agent services

Convenience delivered. We procure and manage a range of support services.


FM Consultancy services

We offer a range of FM consultancy services that save on costs and keep you compliant.


FM Property services

Our in-house experts are available to support your business needs.

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